Specialising in shooting graphic action images for commercial and editorial clients. As a sports photographer, Dave offers dynamic and creative approaches to promoting brands, athletes and events. Staff Photographer at Speed Media Image Agency

Do lens filters really protect your lens?

A controversial question for sure and to be honest, somewhat redundant.

Let’s just clarify one thing from the outset. For digital photography, UV filters make no difference to image quality, in fact it will degrade your image quality very slightly. They will however, help if you’re the retro type and use film. I’m one of those guys, it’s so much fun –  get into it if you can!

Round 1 – 2017 Shannon’s Nationals – A watery tale.

Lets be honest, it wasn’t an overly hot summer, at least in Melbourne anyway. Although I remember thinking it was bloody hot at the F1, I think that was more do to the fact that I kept on missing the photographers bus, forcing me to walk most of the weekend with all my gear and the media centre not being airconditioned. Well, they had air conditioning and it was making noise for sure… probably pretending, you know, like that guy that walks around the office all day with a blank piece of paper in their hand or better yet, a clip board.  They don’t do anything but man, do they look busy!

My first post…

Well, this is my first blog entry. Something I never thought I’d ever do because my writing skills are about as good as my diplomacy skills so it’s not something I usually like to do, unless I have to. Bear with me as it’s likely to be a tedious read! I’ll try to improve – I promise!