About Me

There are three things that truly make me happy. My Son, taking pictures and a damn good coffee. In that order. When it comes to photography, I shoot action and when I capture a moment – that peak moment – whether its sport, or a protest or a father embracing his child after days searching for him in the bush. This is what makes my heart beat. 

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my 11 year old son. I’m a sports photographer who absolutely loves what I do. In between sport, I shoot news and in-between news I shoot street. I love everything that comes with photography. I meet the most interesting people, I go to amazing places and I work all sorts of hours. I love the spontaneity of photography.

I really love the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those special moments, or those in-between moments that most of us hardly notice and whenever I take a picture, I always have that in mind. I want my audience to relate to my photographs through recognition with the situations, or the energy they convey so much so that they are transported to that very moment.

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to have been published in Marie Claire, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Age and GQ Magazine, along with many others. My sports images are regularly published both nationally and internationally and I continue to strive for excellence every time I take a picture. 

As the Senior Staff Photographer at Speed Media Image Agency, I get to shoot some of the most iconic and exciting sporting events Australia has to offer. Formula 1, MotoGP, The Australian Open, The A-League, NRL and the list keeps growing.

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your next event, give me a call or email me and lets work together to make it memorable!


Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

Canon Professional Services


2021 Australian Sailing Club of the Year – Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV)
ORCV Media Team Award – Photographer

2020 Siena International Photo Awards

2019 Australian Photographer of the Year (Australian Photography Magazine) (Sport)
Highly Commended

2018 Australia’s Top Emerging Photographers (Sport)

Purchasing Images

Can I buy your images ?

Yes! Almost very image on this website, and on my social media feeds are for sale as digital downloads as well as prints. 

Are my payments secure ?

This site uses Stripe and PayPal as its payment gateways. All payments are 100% secure and are not handled by me, or this site. 

How do I purchase an image ?

Just click on the image, that will lead it into the lightbox and you will see ordering info to the right of your screen. 

What payment options do you offer ?

You can pay using any credit card, PayPal of course. Apple Pay will be coming soon!

Are there any limitations on the use of your photos ?

Yes there are. The vast majority of my images fall under the Editorial category which has limitations on how they may be used. Please read my licencing terms for more information. 

i can't find the image i'm looking for ?

Images on this web site are for personal use only. I am a senior photographer for Speed Media Image Agency which is where most of my work goes. Head on over to their library for thousands of images available under editorial licence.