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We cover Melbourne and all Victorian Regional Areas!

Real-Time Construction Monitoring 

Stay informed about your construction project without being physically present on-site. Utilize the latest drone technology to receive up-to-date visual data through still images, videos, and 2D & 3D models. Our drones can follow predetermined flight paths, allowing for consistent documentation of your site’s progression, whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Experience the convenience of viewing your project’s advancement on your personalized pages at davehewison.com


Using the latest in drone autonomous flight tools, your build site can be documented and saved for multiple site visits easily.Drone Remote Control unit screenshot

Still Images

We harness the power of drone technology to provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your construction project’s development. Our drones are programmed with precise flight paths, ensuring consistent coverage of your site, whether you need updates daily, weekly, or monthly.

Effortless Progress Tracking

With our service, you can:

  • Monitor changes with ease, comparing past and present images for a clear overview of progress.
  • Save time with automated flights that eliminate the need for manual setup each visit.
  • Access data remotely, allowing you to stay updated no matter where you are.

Tailored to Your Schedule

Choose the frequency that suits your project’s needs:

  • Daily for detailed oversight
  • Weekly for regular updates
  • Monthly for broader progress checks

Visualize Your Project’s Future

Our advanced software not only tracks current progress but also helps you visualize the end result. Plan ahead and make informed decisions with comprehensive data at your fingertips.

Contact us today to discover how our drone services can elevate your construction management to new heights.

Video Time Lapse: Effortless Progress Tracking

Just like with still imaging, drone operators can create reusable flight paths that capture consistent video footage of your job site. Whether you want to monitor progress daily, weekly, or monthly, our drones ensure a seamless time-lapse experience, allowing you to witness your project’s evolution effortlessly.

Enhancing Construction Site Documentation with GPS-Enabled Drones

Drones equipped with GPS software offer a powerful solution for tracking construction site progress. By simply pressing a button, these drones capture photos and videos from precisely the same location, heading, and camera angle during each flight. This consistency not only simplifies progress interpretation but also enhances the professional appearance—especially when used for marketing purposes.

Additionally, Dave Hewison Photography streamlines the process by delivering comprehensive construction progress reports directly to you. No additional processing is required on your end. Our web interface allows easy toggling between dates, ensuring that you stay informed without any hassle. Let us handle the data upload and reporting, so you can focus on managing your construction projects effectively!

19 May 2024
19 May 2024
8 June 2024
8 June 2024

2D and 3D Site Modeling 

Drone technology transforms the way you monitor your construction site. It simplifies the visualization of your entire area, allowing for quick detection of alterations in stockpiles, earthworks, and equipment movement. For a rapid assessment of site dynamics, 2D Orthomosaic and 3D models provide a wealth of data almost instantly, enabling you to measure site activity with precision and ease.

2d orthomosaic map of a construction site

3D Site Modeling Efficacy Utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, we revolutionize the way construction sites are monitored and documented. Our drones, equipped with advanced software, capture high-resolution images that are then transformed into detailed 2D Orthomosaic and 3D models

This process not only provides a comprehensive view of the entire construction area but also allows for precise measurement and quick detection of changes in stockpiles, earthworks, and equipment placement. With these models, stakeholders can effortlessly track site activity, visualize future developments, and make informed decisions with unparalleled data accuracy and immediacy. Embrace the future of construction management with our innovative 3D modelling services.

Get your own Build Progression Web Page 

To obtain a personalized web page that meticulously documents the progression of your construction site, simply reach out to Dave Hewison Photography. They offer a service that utilizes advanced drone technology to capture and deliver real-time visual updates of your project. Whether you prefer still images, videos, or 2D & 3D models, their drones can follow predetermined flight paths for consistent documentation. You can choose the frequency of updates—daily, weekly, or monthly—to suit your project’s needs. Once you request a quote and approve it, they will handle everything from scheduling the flight to professional processing of the digital assets. After payment, you’ll receive a private link to download your assets, which will be showcased on your personalized page at davehewison.com, allowing you to monitor and visualize your project’s future with ease.



Request a Quote

We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm all the details of your request. Once we understand exactly what you want, we will provide a quote via email outlining the scope of the flight. Let us know how frequently you would like your site visited for progress updates.


We Schedule the Flight

Once you approve the quote, we will schedule the flight, confirming air space requirements and accounting for weather constraints.  If weather creates a delay we will work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.


Professional Processing

We deliver the digital photo and video assets to you via a private link for your review and approval.  Once payment is received the assets are released to you for download.


Assets Delivered

We deliver the digital photo and video assets to you via a private link for your review and approval.  Once payment is received the assets are released to you for download.

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