Melbourne’s Mobile Coronavirus Testing Sites

In today’s blog post I wanted to talk about something entirely unrelated to sport or photography. I’m currently half way through writing a blog about the best data backup strategy for photographers, or really anyone with critical data, but lets be honest, it’s a dry subject and not all that interesting. So I’ve put a pause on that one for now because I think there’s a special group of people that deserve our gratitude.

Who’s Missing Sport?

I sure am.

It’s been a surreal time these last few months in Australia, not to mention the rest of the world where in many places the virus has hit much harder and lockdowns more severe. My heart goes out to all those affected.

My first post…

Well, this is my first blog entry. Something I never thought I’d ever do because my writing skills are about as good as my diplomacy skills so it’s not something I usually like to do, unless I have to. Bear with me as it’s likely to be a tedious read! I’ll try to improve – I promise!