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Drone Asset Inspection & Monitoring

Elevate Your Asset Management with Cutting-Edge Drone Technology
In the fast-paced world of asset management, staying ahead means embracing innovation. Our drone-powered inspection and monitoring services offer a high-tech solution to traditional challenges. With the ability to access hard-to-reach areas, capture high-resolution images, and provide real-time data, drones are revolutionizing the way we oversee and maintain critical infrastructure. Whether it’s for construction oversight, roofing evaluations, or comprehensive site surveys, our drones deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency. Step into the future of asset inspection and monitoring with us—where safety, accuracy, and speed soar to new heights.


Ensure the Safety of your Assets

A well-prepared drone inspection strategy is crucial in monitoring the deterioration of assets.  Service interruptions, faults, and general wear and tear caused by neglect costs tremendous amounts of money to correct. Early detection is crucial for protecting infrastructure and company assets that are ageing or have recently been exposed to severe weather.

By partnering with Dave Hewison Photography, you can inspect assets anywhere in the country, easily and affordably.

Solar Farm Visual Inspections

Using drones to inspect solar farms is very beneficial because they can save a lot of time and capture clear images and videos of your assets. We can spot any problems with the cells in a fast and simple way.

Bridge Inspections

We have shown the worth of our bridge aerial inspections repeatedly by accessing areas that are unreachable by rope or platform. Our advanced zoom cameras enable us to capture images with high detail of every part of the structure.

Mobile Tower Inspections

Drones are a great way to inspect 4G and 5G Mobile phone towers quickly and cheaply, as there are many towers across Australia. They can help find problems like rust, animals, bad wiring and loose bolts.

Building Inspections

Our aerial systems use high resolution optical cameras to inspect building roofs and facades closely and find faults like leaks, broken tiles, bricks, rust, concrete decay, cracks & problems with windows.

Melbourne’s Premier Drone Inspection Services by Dave Hewison Photography
Dedication and innovation are at the heart of Dave’s approach to drone-based asset inspection. Our Melbourne-based operations have been instrumental in delivering crystal-clear data that aids facility managers and remedial engineers in gaining a deeper understanding of their assets.

Our proficiency lies in conducting comprehensive aerial inspections across various assets, including roofs, facades, and vital energy infrastructures—both conventional and renewable.

Streamlined Data Acquisition
We employ a diverse array of drones and capturing methodologies, ensuring the collection of pertinent data that empowers asset managers to make informed maintenance decisions.

Pinpointing Deficiencies
Drones are invaluable for their ability to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and secure geo-tagged, high-definition imagery, crucial for identifying infrastructure anomalies.

Insightful Outputs
Providing asset owners with data that is both contextual and easily interpretable is key. Dave Hewison Photography is dedicated to furnishing geo-referenced maps and 3D models, coupled with user-friendly software, to simplify asset condition assessment and facilitate decisive action.

Revolutionizing Asset Inspection with 3D Modelling Drone Technology
In the realm of asset management, precision and detail are paramount. Our drone services are at the forefront of this domain, offering state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modelling capabilities that redefine asset inspection and monitoring. By deploying drones equipped with advanced imaging technology, we construct highly accurate models that provide a detailed representation of your assets. These models serve as critical tools for thorough examination, enabling stakeholders to explore every facet of their assets with ease. From structural integrity assessments to condition monitoring, our drone-derived models deliver a level of insight and clarity that traditional methods simply cannot match. Embrace the future of asset management with our innovative drone modeling solutions, where every detail is captured with precision.


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Your asset is a critical component that requires regular inspection to ensure safety and prevent costly repairs. Our experienced drone pilots provide in-depth inspections with high-resolution photos, videos, and detailed reports. Book a drone asset inspection with Dave Hewison Photography today and get peace of mind. Contact us at 0425 432 037 or email us at dave@davehewison.com.

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