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Drone Roof and Building Inspections

We cover Melbourne and all of Regional Victoria!

Utilizing drone technology, we deliver an unparalleled solution for roof condition assessment and facilities management support. Our approach eliminates the traditional need for manual inspections at dangerous heights, offering a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative. Enhanced with 3D modeling, pinpointing faults and navigating data becomes a seamless experience.

Beyond external building evaluations, our services extend to creating immersive virtual tours and detailed inspections of buildings, warehouses, and industrial spaces.

Covering Melbourne and Regional Victoria, and with a track record of managing extensive building assets, davehewison.com stands out for its expertise. Our reports are designed for clarity, allowing you to quickly determine areas requiring attention, complemented by high-resolution imagery for precise defect identification.

Our software serves as a comprehensive historical repository for all condition-related data. For further details or to request a quotation, please reach out to us at dave@davehewison.com

Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections

Enhance the layout and condition assessment of your property’s roofing through systematic inspections conducted by specialized roof inspection drones. These aerial evaluations ensure the maintenance of your residential or commercial roofing, complementing the regular inspection processes.

Industrial Building Drone Inspections

Beyond roofing, drone inspections offer critical data capture and insights into the structural details of industrial facilities like warehouses and factories. Building inspectors leverage drone technology to gather impactful information effectively.

Water & Utility Drone Inspections

Drone technology streamlines the management of extensive water utility assets, delivering significant savings in time and costs. These aerial surveys and inspections enhance safety by reducing the need for on-site personnel access.

davehewison.com has a wealth of experience in data acquisition using advanced technologies, including drones, submersibles, and remote-operated bathymetric survey vessels.


Minimize Hazards – Employing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) minimizes the number of personnel exposed to potential environmental risks, thereby decreasing the likelihood of workplace accidents or injuries compared to traditional manual inspections.

Efficiency in Time – Drones swiftly navigate through various terrains and accurately gather data, significantly reducing the time required for inspections compared to conventional methods that rely on extensive equipment.

Reach the Unreachable – With their compact size and agility, drones can access areas that are typically hidden or unreachable, capturing unique perspectives from vantage points that are otherwise difficult to attain.

Economize Inspection Expenses – The reduced need for extensive equipment, labor, and time with drone-based roof inspections translates into lower overall costs for the inspection process.

2D and 3D Site Modeling 

Drone technology transforms the way you monitor your construction site. It simplifies the visualization of your entire area, allowing for quick detection of alterations in stockpiles, earthworks, and equipment movement. For a rapid assessment of site dynamics, 2D Orthomosaic and 3D models provide a wealth of data almost instantly, enabling you to measure site activity with precision and ease.



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Your property’s roof is a critical component that requires regular inspection to ensure safety and prevent costly repairs. Our experienced drone pilots provide in-depth inspections with high-resolution photos, videos, and detailed reports. Book a drone roof inspection with Dave Hewison Photography today and get peace of mind. Contact us at 0425 432 037 or email us at dave@davehewison.com.

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