Shooting Cricket with the Tamron SP 150 – 600mm f5-6.3 G2 (Review)

I’ve been shooting sports for a while now and one of the greatest challenges, especially when you first start out, is gear. I’m not saying gear makes the photographer, because it doesn’t, not by a long shot (pun intended), but lens reach is everything in sports and with long lenses come’s large dollars. Physics is still a thing and for some sports, such as Cricket, you must have a long lens, there’s just no way around it.

Do lens filters really protect your lens?

A controversial question for sure and to be honest, somewhat redundant.

Let’s just clarify one thing from the outset. For digital photography, UV filters make no difference to image quality, in fact it will degrade your image quality very slightly. They will however, help if you’re the retro type and use film. I’m one of those guys, it’s so much fun –  get into it if you can!