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Client Case Study: Drone Services for Bank Reporting on Residential Construction
An aerial view of a new construction site

Client Case Study: Drone Services for Bank Reporting on Residential Construction


As a provider of specialized drone services, I was approached by a client to assist in the creation of a comprehensive bank report for an early-stage residential construction site. The objective was to capture detailed drone photos, video fly-throughs, and create a 2D orthomosaic map to illustrate the build progressions.


The client needed to present a bank report that not only showcased the current status of the construction site but also demonstrated the development over time. They required:

  • High-resolution aerial photographs to document the site’s initial condition and ongoing changes.
  • Video fly-throughs to offer a dynamic and engaging view of the site.
  • 2D orthomosaic map with a before-and-after slider to visually represent the construction progress.


I provided a suite of drone services tailored to meet the client’s needs:

  1. Aerial Photography: Utilizing advanced drone technology, I captured high-quality images from various angles and elevations, ensuring a comprehensive view of the site.
  2. Video Fly-Throughs: I created smooth and cinematic video tours, highlighting the site’s layout and the construction’s progress.
  3. Orthomosaic Mapping: By stitching together numerous aerial shots, I developed an interactive 2D map that allowed users to slide between ‘before’ and ‘after’ states, effectively displaying the site’s evolution.


The deliverables were instrumental in the client’s report:

  • The drone photos served as a clear record of the site’s early stages.
  • The video fly-throughs engaged the bank’s interest, providing a unique perspective of the project.
  • The orthomosaic map was a key feature in the report, offering an intuitive way to observe the site’s development over time.


The drone services I provided played a crucial role in the successful compilation of the bank report. The visual documentation facilitated a clear understanding of the project’s scope and progress, ultimately aiding in the client’s decision-making process.

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