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Shooting James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS
Bond Aston Martin DBS "Her Majesty's Secret Service"

Shooting James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS

It isn’t too often you get the chance to see, let alone shoot, a car that was used in one of the most iconic movie franchises in history.

The car is a 1969 Aston Marin DBS and the film was “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” released in 1969.

There were two cars used for the film, one was for external shots and the other for internal. This was the car that was most featured as it was used for all the external shots.

The car has been in Australia for 40 years and has been fully restored and slightly upgraded with electronic ignition and electric fans to help it survive Australian weather.

After having the car for so long, it was decided it was time for someone else to enjoy it so it was sold recently and will be departing our shores bound for Europe.

The new owners wanted some images of the car before it was packed into a container, as well as a short interview with the man who has had this car for so long.

The shoot had to take place in the quarantine facility so we didn’t have much to work on in terms of locations and backgrounds, but regardless of the challenging location, it was an absolute honour to see this car and be able to shoot it before leaving Australia forever.

Cover Photo – Andrew Hewison

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