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Does your DELL XPS 15 become unusable when it heats up?


Does your DELL XPS 15 become unusable when it heats up? This is a long post and very much off topic for this blog but this is something that has been irritating me for years. It will be of no interest to most here but if you happen to own this laptop, it may save […]

Why I Prefer Back Button Focus

Back button focus essentially gives you the best of both single and continuous AF modes, at virtually the same time. All you need to do is have your camera constantly set in continuous AF mode. Simply press and release the back focus button to focus on a still subject (and recompose as desired) or press and hold to track movement, releasing only if your subject stops moving.

Shooting Weddings Using the Film Hybrid Technique

We all have a certain style that sets us apart from other photographers, although I’m still finding mine, there is a wide gap between sport and weddings. So, with that in mind, I wanted to come up with something that would look and feel airy, as wedding photos should, but also have a unique aesthetic that would set them apart a little.

Do lens filters really protect your lens?

A controversial question for sure and to be honest, somewhat redundant.

Let’s just clarify one thing from the outset. For digital photography, UV filters make no difference to image quality, in fact it will degrade your image quality very slightly. They will however, help if you’re the retro type and use film. I’m one of those guys, it’s so much fun –  get into it if you can!